WV Symphony Orchestra

WV Symphony Orchestra | News Releases

In WVSO’s 2014-2015 season, they executed many significant organization and product changes. Several of which were controversial with their patrons and the internal administration, so it was vital for the message to be delivered as smoothly as possible. Along with help within the team, I wrote and edited most of WVSO’s press releases during the season. The most controversial, declared…

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WV Symphony Orchestra | Email Newsletter

Before designing a new email template, WVSO’s emails were hardly optimized for desktop email clients let alone mobile clients. They also had a lot more text than links. By creating links to content elsewhere, WVSO emails were able to create trackable call-to-actions that connected users with more content while still maintaining simple and aesthetically pleasing design. THIS WEEKENDPay What You…

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WV Symphony Orchestra | Video Channel

There are unfortunately many constraints in the world of orchestras with use of multimedia. More and more organizations and musicians are adopting new policies that allow the distribution of their music and videos of musicians’ performances online, but many are struggling with outdated union agreements and backward thinking administration. A small percentage of people love classical music. The only way…

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WV Symphony Orchestra | Website

When I started working with the WVSO, their website wasn’t old, but it was outdated. Not only did it have some security issues, but all sense of organization and strategy was lost with previous administration. Even more importantly, it was not mobile friendly which is unacceptable for any organization online regardless of the audience. I replaced WVSO’s old site using…

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