OktoberWest 2019 Headliner Reveal Video Facebook Post

OktoberWest 2019 Headliner Reveal Video

Christopher Morris with Charleston West Side envisioned this video to incorporate all the businesses in Elk City in a grand reveal for the headliner for the annual OktoberWest celebration in Charleston, WV. See the Facebook post We teamed with Rafael Barker to assist with the cinematography and Brian Canterbury from Everywhere Local Media for some lighting and drone footage. It…

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Walter DeBarr - "We Fall, We Break" Facebook post

Walter DeBarr – “We Fall, We Break”

From Buckhannon, WV, Walter DeBarr has been gaining momentum in the West Virginia music scene with his honest and remorseful songwriting. In this song, Walter reaches out to everyone who has made mistakes in their lives and is working to grow from them. This video was shot in a package along with photography by Rafael Barker to promote his shows…

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Laura Dice Hill

Laura Dice Hill | Interview Video

Laura Dice Hill has been greatly focused on food access in Appalachia and needed a simple video interview to apply to the RWJF Culture of Health Leadership Program. Teamed with photographer, Rafael Barker, we set warm natural lighting in a nice modern office environment at the Economic Development Center. It’s important in interviews for the process to feel as natural…

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Tony Harrah live music photo shoot

Tony Harrah | Live Streamed Photography Session

What’s better than quality photos to promote your upcoming album? Hearing sneak peeks of those songs—live from the shoot. This photo session pulled a big audience when we went live on Tony Harrah’s Facebook page. On Valentine’s Day 2018, Rafael Barker had a scheduled photo session with the local Americana icon—best known from Tony Harrah and the Fly-over States. We…

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Financial Literacy Boot Camp

Mavery Davis | Financial Literacy Bootcamp Video

CPA, Mavery Davis is passionate about education and children. Davis identified a huge lack of understanding about financial psychology in underserved communities, so in 2018 he started his Financial Literacy Bootcamp. Now, he’s making financing as fun as anyone could possibly imagine for young kids who really need to understand how to stretch their dollars and plan for their future.…

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Mountaineer photo bombs the WVU band

Mountie County Challenge | Monongalia

Showing the world the good vibes going on in West Virginia, the Mountie County Challenge shines a light on some Monongalia fun at the West Virginia University senior night tailgate at Milan Puskar Stadium. We put together a montage of all the fans busting their best moves, and the pride of West Virginia sends us off. Big thanks to our…

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Mountain State Racial Justice Summit 2018

CARE Coalition | Mountain State Racial Justice Summit 2018 Live Stream

On the team with Everywhere Local Media, we set up for live streaming of all the sessions and speakers at the Call to Action for Racial Equality Coalition’s Mountain State Racial Justice Summit 2018. Falling Tree Media was mostly responsible for assisting with setup and camera operation. Below is one of the more popular sessions about millennials of color as…

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WV Sports Connection S1 E09

WV Sports Connection | Season 1

A new series created by Tracy Abdalla and Carl Lee, WV Sports Connection focuses on local sports news, interviewing athletic directors and talent often out of their headquarters Adelphia Sports & Grill. I’ve assisted Everywhere Local Media on several episodes from the season. In the episode below mostly about the final game of the WVU 2018 season, I assisted with…

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Gritt's Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

Gritt’s Farm | Fun Farm Toyota Picnic 2018

The Toyota plant in Buffalo, WV chose the local landmark of Gritt’s Farm for their 2018 Company Picnic. It was a fantastic affair as families played and ate before the opening of the Fun Farm. We put together a short thank you video so Toyota employees would have something to remember the day. The video features the sounds of the…

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WV Press Insight S1E06

WV Press Association | WV Press Insight Series

With the help of Everywhere Local Media and Falling Tree Media, the West Virginia Press Association launched a video news series to cover the 2018 legislative session, aggregating articles from all over the state for a policy-focused wide-angle perspective. Even as a pilot, the response to the series has been extremely positive. Viewers have felt much more connected to what…

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