Social Media

Social media has become especially important in the last decade. Not only will you gain search engine optimization (SEO) and a larger online audience, but you can incentivize them to spread the word of mouth and bring life to your organization. How your company will be present on social media may differ depending on the nature of your business. These platforms are intended first for individuals to socialize among their peers, and most people avoid direct promotion from firms within social media. This means it is essential to keep your posts tasteful and transparent. You don’t want your company to be perceived as an ad; you want to be perceived as a human-being. This is how you open an honest dialogue with your audience.

Mountain State Racial Justice Summit 2018

CARE Coalition | Mountain State Racial Justice Summit 2018 Live Stream

On the team with Everywhere Local Media, we set up for live streaming of all the sessions and speakers at the Call to Action for Racial Equality Coalition’s Mountain State Racial Justice Summit 2018. Falling Tree Media was mostly responsible for assisting with setup and camera operation. Below is one of the more popular sessions about millennials of color as…

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Rebecca St Urban Farm Facebook

Rebecca St Urban Farm | Facebook

A hidden gem on the West Side of Charleston, WV, even dedicated agriculture fans might not know about the Rebecca Street Urban Farm. Spawned from the Charleston Area Alliance’s WV SAGE program with assistance from WVSU extension, today, Rebecca St has limited resources and is worked entirely by volunteers. Rebecca Street Urban Farm’s Facebook Page As an ag junkie, I…

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Create WV | 2016 Gubernatorial Roundtable

Leading up to the 2016 West Virginia Gubernatorial primary, Create West Virginia held an open forum and invited all the candidates for WV governor to answer challenging questions about the innovation economy. Booth Goodwin and Jeff Kessler attended to answer to this diverse and well educated panel, and the event did a lot to inform the voters, but most importantly…

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Hospice Council of WV | Facebook

The Hospice Council started a Facebook page in 2016, and I assisted with the setup process. I filled in important “About” information and tags that help with search engine optimization (SEO) as well as informing the audience of Hospice Council’s mission. I optimized images for the profile picture and cover photo which keep the organization looking clean and professional and…

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