A picture says one thousand words, right? Probably more actually. Great images aren’t just saying more, but they’re getting more attention. A simple still image can evoke so many emotions, and without the audience even realizing they’ve made a million associations to the photo in one glance. No need for ugly words. The best messages don’t seem like messages at all, they just whisper to the heart.

Tony Harrah live music photo shoot

Tony Harrah | Live Streamed Photography Session

What’s better than quality photos to promote your upcoming album? Hearing sneak peeks of those songs—live from the shoot. This photo session pulled a big audience when we went live on Tony Harrah’s Facebook page. On Valentine’s Day 2018, Rafael Barker had a scheduled photo session with the local Americana icon—best known from Tony Harrah and the Fly-over States. We…

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Gritt's Farm Recipe Design

Gritt’s Farm | Recipe Design & Photography

Gritt’s Farm distributes weekly bags of produce through their CSA program. Together, we created recipes to add the value of a full farm to table experience. Each recipe is designed with the Gritt’s Farm chef in their kitchen using freshly harvested produce. Every week we build upon their online book of recipes to educate how to make the most of…

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Charleston, WV Metro | Photography

These are my collection of photographs taken in the greater Charleston, WV area focused heavily on arts and entrepreneurship. Some events include the Art Walk, Create WV, and the Red Head Festival. last updated Feb 2, 2017


Belize | Photography

It was difficult not to get a good picture in Belize. The nature surrounded intimate and diverse communities who were almost as warm as the weather. My trip was focused mostly on our tour group’s experiences studying the music of the African diaspora.