Design is the forefront of any experience. This is where your brand is established before actually knowing anything about a product. Many designers are quick to sacrifice practicality for aesthetics, but there are many factors to consider. The experience should always come first, which means not allowing things like illegibility, unintuitive navigation, and overwhelming stimuli to hinder our audience from satisfying their needs.


Jeff’s Curbside | Logo

This new restaurant is one in the same with the owner Jeff Crist, so it only seemed fit to use his actual signature to create this collaboration. We wanted to show the food was fast and well prepared. This clean look really captures that and plays up the takeout benefits.

WV Alliance of Recovery Residences

WV Alliance of Recovery Residences | Logo

A newly founded sister organization of Recovery Point, WVARR is protecting those with addictions and standardizing board for people new in the recovery system. Many in West Virginia are neglected after treatment, but their network of help just got stronger to ensure everyone may live their lives to the fullest. In establishing a brand for WVARR, I wanted to make…

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Gritt's Farm Recipe Design

Gritt’s Farm | Recipe Design & Photography

Gritt’s Farm distributes weekly bags of produce through their CSA program. Together, we created recipes to add the value of a full farm to table experience. Each recipe is designed with the Gritt’s Farm chef in their kitchen using freshly harvested produce. Every week we build upon their online book of recipes to educate how to make the most of…

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Mountain State Beverage | Event Marketing Materials

Mountain State Beverage markets alcohol to a large variety of venues, all with their own brand. In terms of design, it’s important when collaborating to ensure each party is satisfied with the focus their brand received. I designed a couple of last minute pieces for Mountain State Beverage’s events featuring Old Forester bourbon that everyone was happy with.


Wheel Decide | Logo & Web Layout

I built the Wheel Decide brand to appear modern, fast, and fun. By using sharp geometric shapes (most importantly the triangle for the emblem), we mimicked the pointer of the wheel for more direct association with the infamous wheels. The design of the website is very simple, so as not to overwhelm users with unnecessary paths. The everyday user finds…

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Hospice Council of WV | Logo

Today, any organization (no matter the budget) deserves and can afford clean graphics. I’ve come across too many firms that struggle to produce a high quality image when prompted. The fact remains—if you are spending money on print ads with outdated graphics, you are throwing money away. The market is saturated with polished brand elements, and you don’t want to…

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Taziki’s | Video, Radio, and Print Campaign

The Taziki’s was very much an equal effort throughout the team, but I played an integral part in the creative direction that united the campaign. Our goal was to emphasize the casual in fast-casual dining with a classy composure. I worked directly with our film crew in the filming and editing process of our video ad, and I worked alongside…

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