Creative Direction

Creative direction is almost an oxymoron in itself. While true creativity comes from exploration and unconventional thinking, direction requires an organized and strategic process. Balancing the two is important in catching the attention of the audience. Being an artist myself, I know artists do not like to be told what to do. That is why I always handle the creative process delicately–turning management’s directives into comfortable guidelines for creative staff. I also believe creative directors should be hands-on and involved with the process when possible.


WWVU-FM | Creative Management & Workstation Rebuild

As Production Director, I hired and managed a production staff of about a dozen. The station had a history of an unproductive production staff, and my goal was to end the trend. As well as training them to use Pro Tools and our equipment, I also reorganized all the studios to be more efficient and spacious to facilitate more productivity.…

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Taziki’s | Video, Radio, and Print Campaign

The Taziki’s was very much an equal effort throughout the team, but I played an integral part in the creative direction that united the campaign. Our goal was to emphasize the casual in fast-casual dining with a classy composure. I worked directly with our film crew in the filming and editing process of our video ad, and I worked alongside…

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