Audio & Music

Sound can play a huge part in the orchestra of persuasion. Some don’t realize the powerful influence and emotional response that can be facilitated through the auditory senses alone alone. Try watching most ads or movies without a score and you’ll notice the emotional dynamics are heavily compressed. You will not regret putting extra time and money into the music by creating something original. Stock music may cut it sometimes, but you will risk losing the warmth of a personal touch—something to be remembered.

Walter DeBarr - "We Fall, We Break" Facebook post

Walter DeBarr – “We Fall, We Break”

From Buckhannon, WV, Walter DeBarr has been gaining momentum in the West Virginia music scene with his honest and remorseful songwriting. In this song, Walter reaches out to everyone who has made mistakes in their lives and is working to grow from them. This video was shot in a package along with photography by Rafael Barker to promote his shows…

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Tony Harrah live music photo shoot

Tony Harrah | Live Streamed Photography Session

What’s better than quality photos to promote your upcoming album? Hearing sneak peeks of those songs—live from the shoot. This photo session pulled a big audience when we went live on Tony Harrah’s Facebook page. On Valentine’s Day 2018, Rafael Barker had a scheduled photo session with the local Americana icon—best known from Tony Harrah and the Fly-over States. We…

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Emmeth Young performs his Djembe Kan

Emmeth Young | Djembe Kan Video

One morning toward the end of my studies of music of the African diaspora in Belize, our main instructor Emmeth Young asked me to record his djembe kan by the beach where we were staying. What’s known as a “djembe kan” is essentially an improvisational drum solo. He was especially inspired that day to do this, and though we were…

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WWVU-FM | Creative Management & Workstation Rebuild

As Production Director, I hired and managed a production staff of about a dozen. The station had a history of an unproductive production staff, and my goal was to end the trend. As well as training them to use Pro Tools and our equipment, I also reorganized all the studios to be more efficient and spacious to facilitate more productivity.…

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WWVU-FM | Brand Sound

Being a college radio station, what could be more important than the music? The music direction of the station was decided not only by several directors but every DJ, every student that walked through the doors, and anyone picked up the phone to call in a request. I produced beds, liners, and promos that colored our radio waves with U92’s…

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Taziki’s | Video, Radio, and Print Campaign

The Taziki’s was very much an equal effort throughout the team, but I played an integral part in the creative direction that united the campaign. Our goal was to emphasize the casual in fast-casual dining with a classy composure. I worked directly with our film crew in the filming and editing process of our video ad, and I worked alongside…

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Taziki’s | Ad Music Score

Our team agreed that the original score for our ads was a necessary edge that contributed to winning the 2013 National Collegiate Taziki’s Marketing Challenge. As well as producing the sound track for the video and the radio ad, I also produced the music score with great collaboration from the music school. To put the audience right on the Mediterranean…

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